Movie Diary 11/21/2021

Parallel Mothers (Pedro Almodovar, 2021). A story of two women (Penelope Cruz, Milena Smit) sharing a hospital room on the day they both give birth, and also a story of unresolved issues from the Spanish Civil War. The combination of these two, and the usual visually luscious Almodovar approach, makes me wonder about the ways that this director of marvelous taste can also be a director of bad taste. Haven’t resolved that yet, but the film is consistently compelling.

Old (M. Night Shyamalan, 2021). Another director with good taste/bad taste issues, even if in a very different mode. The premise here makes the movie preposterous enough to be a source of ridicule for many, and I take it the film was that, but if you notice small matters such as mise-en-scene, you might occasionally be thrilled.

The Tomorrow War (Chris McKay, 2021). Or, you could just watch something really dumb.

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