The Friday 11/26/2021

No piece for the Scarecrow blog this week. It is Thanksgiving.

I’ve got a new episode of “The Music and the Movies” this week, devoted to music from the films of Marlon Brando.

Last week’s show will be online for a few more days: a look at 70s neo-noir.

On Wednesday, Dec. 1, I’ll be giving my Humanities Washington talk online: “The End Is Near: How Movies Prepared Us for the Apocalypse, which ties together apocalyptic movies with our Covid-19 response. It’s hosted by Walla Walla Community College Library; more info here.

Two vintage 1980s reviews uploaded to my other website this week: Jonathan Kaplan’s Immediate Family, a pregnancy drama with married couple Glenn Close and James Woods; and Andrew Solt’s documentary Imagine: John Lennon, which served as a kind of riposte to Albert Goldman’s 1988 bio of Lennon.