Movie Diary 1/3/2022

Quo Vadis, Aida? (Jasmila Zbanic, 2020). Lots of people have been saying this is a terrific movie since it showed at festivals many months ago. Those people were correct. A gut-wrenching situation (the horrors of Srebrenica in 1995) is brought to life through the eyes of a translator (mighty performance by Jasna Djuricic) working for the cowardly UN observers.

Test Pattern (Shatara Michelle Ford, 2020). Some unusual structuring – including an extended courtship prologue, and a long day of Mr. Lazarescu-style frustrations in the health-care maze – mark this feature directing debut, which has at its core an incident of sexual assault. It’s an attempt at doing something in a different way, with a touching performance by Brittany S. Hall.