The Friday 1/7/2022

At the Museum of History & Industry in 2012: Tom, yours truly, and between us a poster for a Welles series from eons ago.

This week, we present an In Memoriam post for Tom Keogh, who died on September 28, 2021. Scarecrow was kind enough to re-print this piece by Tom; it will be co-published at Parallax View (where some of Tom’s writing resides), too.

The piece is about Francois Truffaut’s The Wild Child, and was written by Tom for publication in The Informer, the newsletter of the Seattle Film Society, in 1984. This was shortly after Truffaut’s death, and just after the SFS had screened The Wild Child. As I say in the introduction, I think the article was a turning point of sorts for Tom as a writer. It certainly bespeaks his passionate involvement with art and life.

The Seattle Times wrote an appreciation of Tom here.

Tom and I were close friends; we traveled together, wrote together, started a business together and failed together, and most importantly talked about the things that were important to us. There is more to say, but for now, let’s hear Tom’s voice, through his writing.