Movie Diary 5/3/2022

The Batman (Matt Reeves, 2022). It comes in at a hair under 3 hours, but the length itself is not the problem; the problem is that a movie with this kind of reach needs to speed up once in a while (and I don’t mean speed up by throwing in a car chase, although this movie does that, to mostly murky effect). There are some grand moments, as usual in a Reeves picture, despite the mostly damp squib of Pattinson’s performance (although it is interesting to see a youngish Batman/Bruce Wayne) and the tiresome future-installment-building; Colin Farrell’s Penguin, for instance, is a nifty turn, but almost entirely extraneous to the actual business at hand. Good throwaway details, too: the water rushing past Selina Kyle’s feet. Early sequences unfold with considerable kick, and Reeves is good at set-pieces, like Peter Sarsgaard’s politico crashing a funeral service with a bomb around his neck. I actually liked the film’s long final act, and admire it for Going There, as the plot blooms into an insurrectionist uprising. Big, strong score by Michael Giacchino. Disappointed that the Riddler posts his videos in vertical format; I had him pegged as a landscape guy.