Movie Diary 5/25/2022

Part 2 of my listing of movies I’ve watched for a jury at this year’s Brooklyn Film Festival, without critical comment.

Leon’s Fantasy Cut (Josh Caras, Jonathan Valde, 2021, USA). Brothers (played by the co-directors), Ukrainian-Americans in Brooklyn, are failing at their various schemes of success.

Signs of Love (Clarence Fuller, 2022, USA). Crisscrossing some mean streets in Philly, a sad-sack drug dealer (Hopper Jack Penn) tries to keep it together as responsibilities toward a nephew and a new girlfriend suggest ways of growing up.

Stag (Alexandra Spieth, 2022, USA). A bachelorette party goes seriously awry when the bride’s estranged friend shows up, although much weirder things are going to unfold at at the remote setting.

Wake Up, Leonard (Kat Mills Martin, 2021, USA). One day in the life of an aspiring actor (Nigel DeFriez) in L.A. as he thinks the universe frowns, then smiles, then frowns at him again.

Welcome, Violeta! (Fernando Fraiha, 2021, Brazil). At a writers’ retreat, set at an Andean lake compound, the cultlike atmosphere begins to gnaw at one promising attendee.