The Friday 6/3/2022

Viggo Mortensen: Crimes of the Future (NEON)

My piece for the Scarecrow blog this week, and etc.

Crimes of the Future. “Halfway through, I was ready to relegate this movie to the middle level of Cronenberg’s career; the rhythm felt off, and various jokes weren’t landing. By the time its final shot came onscreen, I was pretty enchanted.”

I’ve got a new episode of my radio show, “The Music and the Movies,” this week. This one listens to music from end-of-the-world films, with tuneage from Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Les Baxter, Tangerine Dream, and a really amazing Beatles cover. Check it out at the Voice of Vashon page, or (if the episode has vanished – they can be archived online for only two weeks, because of music rights) see what’s current.