Movie Diary 6/29/2022

Corridor of Mirrors (Terence Young, 1948). The debut of the future director of From Russia with Love and Wait Until Dark is bonkers, a gothic costume drama about a woman (the highly peculiar Edana Romney, who also co-wrote the screenplay) falling under the spell of an artist (Eric Portman). He must have been successful as an artist, because his mansion is a vast repository of items he has made/collected that keep him living in the past, where he is most comfortable; he thinks he’s the re-incarnation of a Renaissance dandy, and that she is the raven-haired lady from a 15th century painting he owns. It’s not bonkers enough to stay interesting, unfortunately, despite all the heavy-breathing weirdness. Cast includes small roles for Christopher Lee (his feature debut), Lois Maxwell, and Thora Hird. Auteurist note: The first five minutes include a rendition of “Three Blind Mice” – as does the opening of Young’s Dr. No. You’re welcome.

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