Movie Diary 7/10/2022

The Northman (Robert Eggers, 2022). Might write about this later in the week. One thing: The impressions I’d casually picked up from scanning Twitter and whatnot – that the film is overlong, “surprisingly conventional,” extremely violent – turn out to be not true.

Dark Journey (Victor Saville, 1937). In 1918, we find Vivien Leigh in Stockholm, passing along French military secrets to the German high command, via her high-fashion business. A curious set-up made odder by the arrival of a romantic German general (Conrad Veidt) who falls for her. Very sharply made, with some elaborate sets and costumes, and Veidt in wonderful bigger-than-life form. The final 30 seconds are pretty cornball, but otherwise, a keeper in the spy-romance category.

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