Movie Diary 7/25/2022

Historieta amarga (2021), Daydreaming (2021), ¿Te puedo llamar? (2020), Mal viaje (2019), Marea alta (2019), Adiós(2018), all directed by Leopoldo Muñoz. I recently watched this batch of short films from the Chilean filmmaker and critic. Taken together, the films chronicle a collection of wandering souls, viewed with curiosity and empathy, but also with a frankness that doesn’t allow for sentimentality (even when the subject might lend itself to sentiment, such as Adiós, in which a man sinks into melancholy after suffering a loss). They’re especially good at exploring isolation and the yearning for connection. Sometimes in a director’s early short films you see an interesting eye or an inquisitive mind; in this case, you have both, and even the films that seem to float along on a reverie contain visual coups that display a real filmmaker at work. Muñoz, who works in Santiago, is preparing his first feature.