Movie Diary 8/14/2022

Prey (Dan Trachtenberg, 2022). It is a Predator movie, with the alien setting up shop in the early 18th century in North America. Thus the action is filtered through the eyes of a young Comanche woman (Amber Midthunder), who comes upon the visitor while coming of age (she is trying to prove herself an able hunter-healer among the skeptical boys her age). The idea is clever, and it comes as a disappointment to remember that the movie is obliged to deliver a certain number of limb-lopping action sequences, including a collection of ably-staged “Look at the Predator rampant – is it not cool?” shots. In some of the big exterior shots, Trachtenberg niftily captures a sense of landscape that might just be afflicted by a mysterious presence, and early on he does a nice little Searchers moment as our heroine exits a teepee, the camera looking out at the world beyond as she goes to put her mark on it. In short, an okay genre exercise buoyed by the novel perspective. It might be good to watch this with the Comanche-dubbed language soundtrack; the English dialogue regularly clunks.

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