Movie Diary 9/14/2022

Descendant (Margaret Brown, 2022). Terrific documentary about an Alabama town where descendants of enslaved people brought to the area aboard a ship called the Clotilda hope to locate the wreck of the ship. Complicating the story is the fact that the Clotilda sailed long after the slave trade had been made illegal in the USA. And oh yes: The descendants of the slave traders still own a great deal of land and industry and influence in the area.

On the Divide (Maya Cueva, Leah Galant, 2021). Documentary set in McAllen, Texas, where a face-off between abortion providers and protestors turns into a study of three people involved in that world. The filmmakers gain intimate access into these lives, at times uncomfortably so, and the fact that the movie’s description of abortion rights is now a thing of the past is jolting.


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