Movie Diary 11/20/2022

My Policeman (Michael Grandage, 2022). Tripping back to the late 1950s, when the illegal attraction between a Brighton policeman (Harry Styles) and a museum curator (David Dawson) prompts the cop to cultivate a marriage of convenience with a schoolteacher (Emma Corrin). Fairly one-note throughout, with the actors sticking to a style of dull sincerity, and the past looking perhaps a little too nostalgically pretty for the purpose at hand. The characters are seen decades later, too (with some confusion, at least on my part, on when the “present day” is supposed to be), with Rupert Everett, Linus Roache, and Gina McKee filling out the roles, all of whom deserve better, or at least more to do. Grandage directed Genius, the dismal account of the literary relationship between Max Perkins and Thomas Wolfe.

Miracle Mile (Steve De Jarnatt, 1988). A gratifying re-watch for the purposes of Scarecrow Academy, our ongoing online discussion series. Speaking of which, we’re talking about Alex Garland’s Ex Machina this Saturday; check out the registration info here.

Metronom (Alexandru Belc, 2022). A superbly rendered blend of coming-of-age story with the violent realities of being a teenager in Ceausescu’s Romania circa 1972. I’m moderating an online interview with the director and lead actress Mara Bugarin tomorrow morning for the Seattle Romanian Film Festival.


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