The Friday 11/25/2022

Gabriel LaBelle: The Fabelmans (Universal)

My piece for the Scarecrow blog this week, and etc.

The Fabelmans. “I have to confess that much of it felt softer, less dynamic than the director’s propulsive genre exercises. But I can easily believe the film might look better on a second viewing, especially if I’m less distracted by the fairly frequent “Did this really happen to Spielberg?” thought-bubbles that popped above my head as I watched.”

Saturday 11/26 we have another session in Scarecrow Academy’s free online series “The Art in Sci-Fi: Science Fiction and the Director,” a Zoom discussion led by yours truly. The film in question is Alex Garland’s 2014 title Ex Machina; we convene at 2 pm Pacific Time. For more info and how to register, see here.


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