Movie Diary 1/10/2023

More not-giving-an-opinion diary listings for movies from an ongoing film festival jury (which will be announced this weekend).

Last Film Show (Pan Nalin, 2021). If this gets Oscar-nominated (it’s on the short list for International Film), watch out. I’m not saying it will win, but it’s the kind of thing that Oscar voters have generally taken to their bosom. Story’s about a kid in small-town India who falls head over heels for the movies, with many a Fabelmans parallel.

Joyland (Saim Sadiq, 2022). The second son of a tradition-minded Pakistani family finally gets a job – but it’s working as a backup dancer for a drag performer. He must lie to the family, naturally, but then he’s been lying about his true nature for a while anyway.

The Blue Caftan (Maryam Touzani, 2022). A meticulous Moroccan tailor – more of an artist, really – tends to his ailing wife, while becoming distracted by the new assistant at the shop.

Eternal Spring (Jason Loftus, 2022). A Canadian film with a Chinese subject: how a group of Falun Gong members pulled off the hijacking of Chinese national television for a few minutes in 2012, and the terrible crackdown that followed. Lots of animation in this one, to illustrate a plot that was, understandably, not documented by the perpetrators.


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