Movie Diary 1/23/2023

Resurrection (Andrew Semans, 2022). I wanted to like this more, and it has some appealing attributes: big Rebecca Hall performance, an unusually dialed-in Tim Roth giving creepy support, surprisingly distinctive location work in – Albany, N.Y.? Somehow the whole thing doesn’t get over the line, even though Hall – as a mother confronted, apparently, with a stalker and a past trauma – puts the film on her back and carries it a convincing distance.

The Lost King (Stephen Frears, 2022). Sally Hawkins plays the real-life amateur historian who led the charge to dig up Richard III’s bones, which were found in 2012 beneath a parking lot in Leicester. The movie is certainly formula, but it’s well-managed for that kind of thing, and Hawkins makes it easy to enjoy. Steve Coogan co-stars and co-wrote the screenplay. There’s a notably muscular score by Alexandre Desplat.


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