Movie Diary 1/30/2023

Master (Mariama Diallo, 2022). A mix of horror and race, set at an Ivy League-ish school where a new student (Zoe Renee) struggles with the white-on-white culture and a new master (Regina Hall) breaks a glass ceiling, only to find the same old ceiling in place. The horror feels half-hearted, but the concept is effective, and the setting vivid. There’s a creepy subplot involving Amber Gray’s professorial character, and you want the movie to keep tilting in that direction.

Bananas (Woody Allen, 1971) and Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* but Were Afraid to Ask (Woody Allen, 1972). In these scrappy films lurk many of the best jokes of Allen’s career, or, at least, many of the silliest. The sketch nature of Sex makes it interesting for the way it allows Allen to operate in a short form and parody other styles, working ideas for 10-15 strong minutes instead of padding something to feature length. Whether Allen is actually a director yet is an open question.


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