The Friday 3/10/2023

Catherine Clinch: The Quiet Girl (Super Ltd)

My piece for the Scarecrow blog this week, and etc.

The Quiet Girl/M3gan. “For a quiet person, the words ‘She says as much as she needs to say,’ resound like a bell of empathy. Those bells regularly go off during this heart-squeezing movie.”/ “Pleasing in its familiar, unsurprising lines, which are basically those of a Twilight Zone episode. I am not complaining.”

Tomorrow, Saturday 3/10 at 2 pm Pacific Time, we continue our free online semester in Scarecrow Academy, “Women in Trouble: Great Melodrama in Film.” The subject this week is Mildred Pierce, that fierce blend of “women’s picture” and film noir, with Joan Crawford in full flower, directed by Michael Curtiz from a James M. Cain novel. Register here.

I’ve written an article describing my End-of-the-World-Movies talk for Humanities Washington, published in their blog; read that here.