Best of 2009: Enough Already Edition (Weekly Links)

Hold the phone: final top ten list.

No movie reviews for the Herald this week, just what I hope is the final go-round of best of 2009 calculations.

Here’s the condensed version of the 2009 Critics Wrap, held at the Frye Art Museum earlier this month and now broadcast on the Seattle Channel. I moderate the panel with Jim Emerson, Kathleen Murphy, and Andrew Wright.

And the Indiewire poll is all totaled up, if you haven’t read it yet. My page with votes here; the grand tally here of ’09 here (Summer Hours took top honors); the best-of-decade accounting here.

And an hour of 2009 movies on KUOW’s “Weekday,” aired on Dec. 14. Now on to 2010, and the new freedoms.