All About World’s Greatest Extract (Weekly Links)


Bateman and Kunis, Extract excerpt

Reviews I wrote for the Herald this week.

Extract. “Judge is a keen observer of the tiniest details of the language and behavior of regular folks.”

World’s Greatest Dad. “Goldthwait’s taste for outrageous and profane stories is matched by the seriousness with which he approaches them.”

Il Divo. “A compelling film, not a news report.”

All About Steve. “Sorta funny and sorta creepy.”

My One and Only. “These episodes aren’t hugely distinctive.”

Movie Diary 9/1/2009

All About Steve (Phil Traill, 2009) and My One and Only (Richard Loncraine, 2009). The new Sandra Bullock and the new Renee Zellweger in the same day. It’s a lot to take in, folks. Give Bullock credit for playing a bordering-on-Jim-Carrey kind of looney, a character far less naturalistic than movie audiences have become conditioned to seeing at the center of a romantic comedy. The other film must have been named in a contest to devise the least memorable title possible, and is mostly interesting because the story happened to George Hamilton. (full reviews 9/4)