Bride of Wrestler Wars (Weekly Links)


Mickey in Excelsis

My reviews from this week’s Herald.

The Wrestler. “He looks like he lost a head-on encounter with a snow plow, his voice is shredded into tatters….”

Bride Wars. “Groan-worthy.”

Not Easily Broken. “…the movie makes plain where the problem is. The wife needs to get her priorities straight, stop nagging her man, and have some babies.”

Azur & Asmar. “Imagine something between ‘South Park’ and Matisse’s paper collages.”

The Unborn. “Oldman goes for the flat-out Rod Steiger ‘Amityville Horror’ approach.”

Plus an interview with Wrestler director Darren Aronofsky.

On the Seattle Channel’s ArtZone in Studio, I speak with Nancy Guppy about The Wrestler and other year-end business; watch here.

Movie Diary 1/6/2009

murdermy2Bride Wars (Gary Winick, 2009). Every year I superstitiously wonder, is there any reason to believe the first press screening of the year has some sort of significance for the months to come? Please check back on December 31 to see if cat fights ruled. (full review 1/9)

Murder My Sweet (Edward Dmytryk, 1944). Based on the Raymond Chandler novel, with Dick Powell as shamus Philip Marlowe. All right to look at and listen to, this movie’s over-ripeness makes you appreciate how much disclipline and hardness John Huston brought to The Maltese Falcon — the difference between a time-killer and a classic.