2011 Ten Best Movies

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And we wrap up 2011 with another list, this one for the Herald. Read the story here.

The actual lists of best (and worst!) are arranged as a slideshow, so you have to do a lot of clicking. I know – ugh. Sorry! I will shortly post the list here in simple-to-read order.

In the interests of un-asked-for completism, and to gather them all in one post for my Year-by-Year Best Movies category tab, here are other Ten Best tangents:

Video of the Critics Wrap at the Frye Art Museum (Kathleen Murphy, Jim Emerson, Andrew Wright and meself talking about the movies of 2011).

A KUOW “Weekday” session with Richard T. Jameson, Kathleen Murphy, and yours truly, on the best of ’11. Hosted by Steve Scher.

My ballot for Indiewire’s poll, and their overall results.

No new reviews for the Herald this week, and no new KUOW session either. In other words, a typical last-week-of-December pause in the onslaught.

At What a Feeling!, catch up on Eighties-ness with vintage reviews of Ken (King Frat) Wiederhorn’s Meatballs Part II, and John G. Avildsen’s Happy New Year. The latter allows a tip of the hat to the late Peter Falk, and some sort of sideways chance to ring in the new year. Thanks for reading The Crop Duster, and I’ll see you in 2012.


Certified Highness (Weekly Links)


Links to reviews I wrote for the Herald this week:

Certified Copy. “Confounding but quite beautiful.”

Hanna. “Crashes from one thing to the next.”

Arthur. “Somehow manages to always have the camera in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Your Highness. “Just barely funny enough to get away with its nonstop raunchiness.”

Miral. (Not yet posted)

Rubber and Empty Quarter. “Can kill with its fiendish vibrations.”

When We Leave. “Unfortunately the idea of the ‘honor killing’ seems to be flourishing.”

Soul Surfer. “Made for church auditoriums.”

On KUOW’s “Weekday,” I talk with Steve Scher about the flurry of movies that present questionable realities on screen, and to what extend we’re supposed to figure them out. Among the titles mentioned: Source Code, Sucker Punch, The Adjustment Bureau, Shutter Island, but especially Certified Copy. You can listen here; the movie bit kicks in around the 15-minute mark.

It’s a strange world at my other website, What a Feeling!, with a 1986 review of Blue Velvet.