Wendy and Lucy (Weekly Links)

wendy1That’s right, didn’t see the multiplex movies this week. But I reviewed one film for the Herald, and it’s enough:

Wendy and Lucy. “Reichardt’s style doesn’t tell you what to feel, but you will feel plenty.”

Also, the Oscar reaction show on KUOW-FM: here.

And more radio: I talk with KUOW’s Jeannie Yandel about politics, film and the dangers of believing in “stories,” including some takes on Frost/Nixon and the real Frost and Nixon, Che, and W. Listen here; the film bit starts at 34:04.

Notorious Last Chance Che (Weekly Links)

Reviews I filed for this week’s Herald.

Che. “Call it the anti-Oliver Stone approach.”

Defiance. “There’s something uncanny in the setting.”

Last Chance Harvey. “Hoffman takes a singular approach to romantic comedy: he’s annoying.”

Chandni Chowk to China. “There is much nonsense to savor.”

Paul Blart: Mall Cop. “He brandishes his cop-stache with great pride.”

Hotel for Dogs. “A statement from the Dog Pound Anti-Defamation Society is called for.”

Notorious. “There shall not be a Jim Carrey comedy called The Godfather .”

And an interview with Defiance director Ed Zwick: here.

Movie Diary 12/20/2008

Che (Steven Soderbergh, 2008). This conceptual exercise offers few conventional moviegoing pleasures, but one of them is surely Demian Bichir’s performance as Castro, a juicy impersonation. You can’t call it an interpretation, because this movie doesn’t do that. (full review 1/16)

Age of Consent (Michael Powell, 1969). From a new DVD package with the Powell-Pressburger A Matter of Life and Death (the two films don’t really belong together, this one falling well short in the comparison). The very young Helen Mirren and the salt-and-peppery James Mason star; the new DVD allows the movie to be appreciated as an exercise in color, which is about the best case that can be made for it.