Movie Diary 9/2/08

La France (Serge Bozon, 2007). Hypnotic WWI dreamscape, with songs and a touch of The Night of the Hunter. It also rescues a Brit-pop Sixties tune, “Gospel Lane,” from obscurity and uses it as the template for the film’s original songs. (Full review 9/5)

Cthulhu (Daniel Gildark, 2007). Arty fling at Lovecraft, draped in Oregon gloom. (Full review 9/12)

That’s what I watched Tuesday. Now, for a bit of catching up with links to some of the more prominent summer movies, as I try to get this website started. For instance, a little number called The Dark Knight. Nothing–not overpraise or backlash–has changed my opinion, written in the days before it opened, about this thing. It is neither the best picture ever made or the end of film literacy as we know it. It’s just a terrific movie (here’s my review).

I talk about The Dark Knight with KUOW’s Jeannie Yandel here: We commence at 33:47 in the show’s running time, and also talk about the revival print of Last Year at Marienbad that was going ’round earlier this year.