Did You Hear About Avatar (Weekly Links)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the fifth annual Critics Wrap at the Frye Art Museum last night. And for those who didn’t get in (the auditorium was jammed), the event will be shown multiple times beginning New Year’s Eve on the Seattle Channel; check the lists and the TV playdates here (and will be viewable via SC’s website).

The Young Victoria. Kidding - Avatar, duh.

Reviews I wrote for the Herald this week:

Avatar. “Infectious glee.”

Did You Hear About the Morgans? “Nobody looks quite comfortable here.”

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. “Funny, quick, and playful.”

Flame and Citron. “Maintains a taut tension throughout.”

Collapse. “A fine line between ‘visionary’ and ‘fruitcake.'”

And: Indiewire’s year-end (and decade-end) poll is up and about; link to my responses here. You can click on any of the category titles to get the overall results of the voters. (Balloting is not quite final as I write this.)

Movie Diary 12/10/2009

Avatar (James Cameron, 2009). It’s pretty much what you already think it is. Cameron knows how to jump into a story, that’s for sure, even if his ear for dialogue is still computer-generated and his eye for color is like a My Little Pony fantasy. Please make more movies. (full review 12/18)

Collapse (Chris Smith, 2009). Feature-length interview with, or maybe platform for, modern doomsayer Michael Ruppert, whose past track record of accurate predictions seems to go hand-in-hand with a distinctly paranoid mien. Or perhaps they really are all out to get him. Smith embraces an Errol Morris vibe, right down to the urgent music. (full review 12/18)