Fired Up Monkeys in Class (Weekly Links)

No advance screenings for Madea Goes to Jail, unfortunately (Tyler Perry is an interesting phenomenon, but they’ve given up on screening his movies for an irrelevant press). Some uncharacteristically good things showing up on Oscar weekend, though. Reviews I wrote for the Herald:

firedupFired Up. “A funny movie, smartly cast and played at a rapid-fire pace.”

Ballast. “A ton of bricks.”

Three Monkeys. “The buck doesn’t stop here.”

The Class. “Just a little less exciting than its reputation.”

Medicine for Melancholy. “Usually, this is called stalking.”

Movie Diary 2/11/2009

three2Three Monkeys (Nuri Bilge Ceylan, 2008). Not as fine as Ceylan’s previous film, Climates, lacking a certain level of mysteriousness (the parable here, about the ripple effect of truth getting covered over, is a little too about-exactly-what-it’s-about, if you get my drift), but that leaves a lot of room for excellence. And the opening sequence is awesome. (full review 2/20)

Fired Up (Will Gluck, 2009). Some kind of combo of Meatballs and M*A*S*H, full of male energy and appealing performers and unexpectedly good vibes. (full review 2/20)