The Friday (3/27/2020)


Jesse Eisenberg, Resistance (IFC)

A new review this week for the Scarecrow Video blog:

Resistance. “The material itself is compelling enough to succeed without the strong-arm tactics.”

New posts at my 1980s review website, What a Feeling!: Behold the mysteries of Clara Law’s Reincarnation of Golden Lotus; Ferdinand Fairfax’s kids-saving-their-kidnapped-Navy-SEAL-dads-in-North-Korea flick The Rescue; Michael Crichton’s final credit as feature director, the legal thriller Physical Evidence; Martha Coolidge’s high-school comedy Plain Clothes; and Geoff Murphy’s fine end-of-the-world-in-New-Zealand story, The Quiet Earth.


King Farewell (This Week’s Movies)


Jesse Eisenberg, Alessandro Nivola: The Art of Self-Defense (Bleecker Street)

Links to my reviews published this week in the Herald, and etc.

The Lion King. “When Scar’s dastardly plottings turn dark and scary, the image lacks the romantic spookiness of animation. Here, things just look bleak.”

The Art of Self-Defense. “The sensei is a gem of controlled acting: Nivola finds all the humor, but he gives the character a weird breeziness, with the hint of anger beneath the surface, all while conveying the guy’s complete and utter insanity.”

The Farewell. “The handkerchiefs will be out, yet Wang knows how to keep the tears honestly earned.”

And a Seasoned Ticket blogpost for Scarecrow Video, on the subject of a new arthouse theater in Seattle (the Beacon) and the ineffable Starcrash. Read it here.

Double-X Blended (This Week’s Movies)

James McAvoy, Patrick Stewart: Future and Past X

James McAvoy, Patrick Stewart: Future and Past X

Links to reviews I wrote this week for the Herald and Seattle Weekly, and etc.

X-Men: Days of Future Past. “A return to form.”

Blended. “A loose, good-natured spirit.”

The Double. “Lacks the slap of the truly revelatory.”

Cold in July. “Uneven but densely-packed.”

I used to talk with Steve Scher on the radio; now we podcast. Join us for this week’s installment of the Overlook Podcast as we sit outside at a French bistro (in Seattle, but still) and wonder about the allure of French movies. Listen here.