Sparrow Party (This Week’s Movies)


Timothy Spall, Kristin Scott Thomas: The Party (courtesy Picturehouse Cinemas)

Links to my reviews posted this week in the Herald and Seattle Weekly.

Red Sparrow. “Not enough fun to counterbalance the very grim nature of this stolid piece of work.”

The Party. “A nasty little gem.”

Oh, and the annual Oscar predictions, coming Sunday. Update: And here they are!

Guest Tombstones (This Week’s Reviews)

Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy: The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them

Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy: The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them

Links to my reviews published this week in the Herald and Seattle Weekly, and etc.

The Guest. “Whatever Adam Wingard is drinking, please keep ’em coming.” (In case of Herald paywall, see the Weekly version.)

A Walk Among the Tombstones. “A cut above Neeson’s pulpier outings.”

My Old Lady. “If you’re going to have people running off at the mouth, you could do worse than this hyper-eloquent trio.” (Weekly version.)

The Disapperance of Eleanor Rigby: Them. “An earnest disposition.” (Weekly version.)

Life of Crime. “Dialed-down and low-rent.” (Weekly version.)

Check the Overlook Podcast for the latest conversations on film; we have two this week. Listen here as Steve Scher and I consider The Drop and The Guest. Then stick around to hear our musings on the career of John Sayles, this weekend’s special guest at the Port Townsend Film Festival.

I’ll be at the Port Townsend Film Festival (special guests John Sayles and Maggie Renzi) this weekend for a variety of things, including an open-to-the-public interview with Sayles at Port Townsend High School at 1:30 today (Friday) and the “Evening With” event Saturday night at 6:30, an interview with Sayles following a screening of Lone Star.

Attack the Crazy, Stupid Cowboys (Weekly Links)

Daniel Craig vs. Alien

Links to reviews I wrote for the Herald this week, and etc.

Cowboys & Aliens. “The genre-bending weirdness of it all might make your head spin.”

Crazy, Stupid, Love. “Wacky humor and emotional authenticity in equal doses.”

Attack the Block/Sarah’s Key. “A string of hilarious one-liners and slangy non sequiturs”/”I didn’t buy it.”

On KUOW’s “Weekday,” I talk with Steve Scher about modern alien invasion films such as Cowboys & Aliens and Attack the Block, and the GOP’s use of movie metaphor (Tea Party debt-ceiling intransigence=Alec Guinness in Bridge on the River Kwai, for instance). Alas, this was broadcast just before House Republicans watched The Town for inspiration. The conversation is archived here; the movie bit kicks in with the “Colonel Bogey March” around the 14:20 mark.

At What a Feeling!, we split the goal posts with a lovely sports movie, Roger Spottiswoode and Ron Shelton’s The Best of Times.