Movie Diary 10/20/2010

127 Hours (Danny Boyle, 2010). James Franco, in holy goof mode, as the hiker who had to amputate his own arm while trapped in Canyonlands National Park. It’s very much a Boyle film, which somehow seems to fit the hallucinations our hero endures. (full review 11/12)

Merrill’s Marauders (Samuel Fuller, 1962). WWII Burma, with a thoroughly deglamorized view of war a la Sam Fuller, full of strong locations and distinctive exchanges. “Did Lemchek make it?” becomes one of the great Fuller moments, but there are more of them.

The Anchorage (C.W. Winter, Anders Edstrom, 2009). Contemplative non-narrative that feels like time spent in a monastery, the emphasis on ritual and the sounds of nature. The location is a Swedish island, where time is shaped by cleaning fish and listening to the radio news. Pretty cool movie. (full review 10/22)