Iron Man Sarcasms (Weekly Links)

Villamil and Darin, The Secret in Their Eyes

Movies I reviewed for the Herald this week, etc.

Iron Man 2. “That which flies high must also come crashing down.”

The Secret in Their Eyes. “More far-fetched as it goes along.”

Paper Man. “Easily freaked out by mismatched interior design.”

Babies. “Are funny.”

Multiple Sarcasms. “Standard-issue Manhattan setting.”

The Good the Bad the Weird. “The sheer energy it takes to get this many death scenes into a movie.”

It Came from Kuchar. “Staging scenes involving a giant blow-up spider.”

And I talk about music and political resistance (special attention to No One Knows About Persian Cats and Soundtrack for a Revolution) in our “Cultural Moment” segment on KUOW’s “Weekday,” with Steve Scher, here. The movie bit begins around 14:30.

Movie Diary 4/6/2010

Multiple Sarcasms (Brooks Branch, 2010). There’s a 2007 copyright at the end. Timothy Hutton wants to be a playwright, so he dresses like one and grows a persistent three-day beard, and Dana Delany and Mira Sorvino are his wife and best friend. It’s 1979. Kind of a puzzler. (full review 5/7)

Date Night (Shawn Levy, 2010). The end-credits outtakes suggest mucho improvising by Tina Fey and Steve Carrell, which is pretty much what you’d want to happen if you had them in your movie, right? And they are the movie. (full review 4/9)