Mid-August Persian Cats (Weekly Links)

Yeah, so the last two Best-of-Year lists (1941 and 2000) were supposed to publish in consecutive weeks, not on the same day, as they did last Sunday. These things happen when you go away for a week, even though I swear I got the scheduling thing right. I was giving some film talks on a cruise ship that traveled from New Jersey to Bermuda. Maybe you already knew this, but Bermuda is very, very nice. Anyway, movies I reviewed for the Herald for the 4/30 week:

Mid-August Lunch. “Charming. Winsome. Adorable, even.”

No One Knows About Persian Cats. “A rough, unfinished quality, which suits the subject.”

Soundtrack for a Revolution. “Nothing beats the power of the archival footage.”

And one of those summer preview things.