Watchmen in Wonderland (Weekly Links)


Salute the Comedian.

My reviews for the Herald this week. My take on Watchmen is that it’s overly faithful, poorly acted, and has absolutely no perspective on its own ideas. A lot of it’s enjoyable anyway.

Watchmen. “Not ‘Sounds of Silence’ again!”

Phoebe in Wonderland. “She’s so unusual.”

Cherry Blossoms. “A somewhat aggressively nice film.”

Rem Koolhaas: A Kind of Architect. “Too busy by half.”

Movie Diary 3/3/2009

diary21Crossing Over (Wayne Kramer, 2009). Kramer’s The Cooler was the kind of thing that made you feel like he could make a good one as long as he didn’t have something important to say. Crossing Over wants to say something important. (full review 3/13)

Phoebe in Wonderland (Daniel Barnz, 2008). Elle Fanning, younger sister of Dakota, plays a kid with an unusual connection to theater and the world. Uh, the Fannings have a very talented family. (full review 3/6)

Diary of a Lost Girl (G.W. Pabst, 1929). Pabst and Louise Brooks followed Pandora’s Box with this more familiar melodrama, which still provides much flavor of Weimar Germany. That flavor is in Pabst’s films like nobody else’s, with apologies to Murnau and Lang, far greater directors overall.