Action in the North Atlantic (Weekly Links)

Talking aboard the Silhouette. I’m the one in the orange tie.

The Crop Duster returns to business today after a working vacation. Speaking of which, thanks to Celebrity Cruises and Smithsonian Journeys for inviting me to speak aboard the Celebrity Silhouette, a brand-new vessel that took its inaugural transatlantic voyage (from Rome to Bayonne, New Jersey) with yours truly on board. We met some nice people, had good crowds for the talks, and ate a lot. This was my third such cruise and I hope it isn’t the last.

There’s news on the Rotten front: Vol 2. of the horrifying graphic novel I write with Mark Rahner is now available. That’s issues #7-11 of the zombie western USA Today called “more than just a blood-and-guts affair,” collected in book form from Moonstone. You can order copies from the publisher, or another online publisher of your choosing, or your local bookstore or comic shop. And if your local bookstore doesn’t stock Rotten, Vol. 2: Revival of the Fittest, please demand it.

And yeah, while I was away that Today Show piece was broadcast , in which you can see glimpses of me moving around town with roving reporter Sara Haines to some Seattle film sites. Check it here. I ended up with a short haircut by accident, but that will never happen again.

The only reviewed published in the Herald while I was gone was this piece on Martha Marcy May Marlene, a movie I found pretty effectively unnerving.

What a Feeling! was also on hiatus during the cruise, but we left off with a review of David Cronenberg’s revamp of The Fly. More Eighties reviews roll out next week.

I will be roving around again next week: Wednesday night, Nov. 9, I’ll be in Bellingham, WA, delivering “Alien Encounters: Sci-Fi Movies and the Cold War Culture of the 1950s,” at the Pickford Film Center at 7 p.m.; the following night I’ll give the same talk at the Camano Island Library, on Camano Island, also at 7. Thanks to Humanities Washington and the host organizations, these events are free.

Of Gods and Sucker Punches (Weekly Links)

“See, first you’re the white swan, then you’re the evil twin…” Browning, Gugino in Sucker Punch

Reviews I wrote for the Herald this week:

Sucker Punch.  “Epic flame-out.”

Of Gods and Men. “An amazing array of faces, battered by life and age and experience.”

The Human Resources Manager. “It might be easier to predict the outcome of this movie than Riklis’s other films, but the manager’s journey is full of peculiar, nicely detailed incidents.”

The Round Up. “Bad stuff needs to be remembered, even if it would be so much nicer to forget.”

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. “Shares the same likable quality as the first.”

Carancho. “People in Argentina are terrible drivers.”

On KUOW’s “Weekday,” I talk with Steve Scher about movies that meant a great deal to you in childhood but, when seen from an adult vantage, turn out to be not so great. You know, like In the Year 2889. It’s archived here; the movie bit kicks in at the 13:55 mark.

Rotten fans! Issue #9 is finally out this week. Go to your local comic-book store or order online from a place like Moonstone Books or Heavy Ink. Issues 7-8-9 form an episode the authors consider their best yet, so you might want to purchase all three at once.

At What a Feeling!, my repository of 1980s reviews groans anew with The Aviator – not that Scorsese thing, either.

Movie Diary 12/22/2010

The trade paperback of Rotten (first six issues) is finally – finally – out this week. Hie thee to the nearest comic book shop, or, if you must, order it online. You could start at the publisher’s website: Moonstone. Noodle around at the Rotten tab above for more information and links.

The 2010 Critics Wrap (an annual panel of Seattle film critics sorting through the year’s best movies), held at the Frye Art Museum last week, will be broadcast in a one-hour format on the Seattle Channel (channel 21 hereabouts) beginning Thursday night at 11 p.m.; you can also watch it online after it debuts. The schedule is here.

Today’s Eighties movie at my other website, What a Feeling!, a growing thicket of 1980s movie-ness: Ernest Saves Christmas. I am sorry; you go to battle with the decade you have, not the decade you want.

Despicable Coco Predators (Weekly Links)

Noomi Rapace: girl who played with firearms

Reviews I wrote for the Herald this week.

Women Without Men. “A residual ability to haunt.”

Predators. “Fearsome tusked dogs.”

Despicable Me. “The timing is off.”

[Rec] 2. “Some nice jolts along the way.”

The Girl Who Played with Fire. “From one farfetched situation to the next.”

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky. “A certain dreadful tendency of the European art movie.”

Johanna. “It has the ‘What on Earth am I watching?’ appeal.”

And you are required to watch the new “music video” for Rotten, which will likely leave you with an irresistible urge to order the brand-new issues (and the trade paperback of the first six issues), all coming out soon.

No KUOW appearance this week, thanks to a 10 a.m. screening of Predators on Wednesday, during my usual time slot. Yes, 10 a.m.: not the ideal time for a Predators movie (and yet it still worked).