Soloist Fighting Earth, Shall We? (Weekly Links)

My raft of reviews from the Herald this week.


You must become Fado.

Fados. “If Sinatra had gotten lost in Lisbon.”

The Soloist. “Greyhounds who like to run.”

Fighting. “Vertebra-crunching brawls.”

Earth. “Running out of synonyms for astonishing.”

Sugar. “Uniquely American spaces and stories.”

The Informers. “All coked up and no place to go.”

Shall We Kiss? “As French as Freedom Fries.”

Examined Life. “Agreeably casual discourse.”

Movie Diary 3/30/2009

Shall We Kiss? (Emmanuel Moret, 2007). Say what you want — this is one French film. And sometimes that’s enough. (full review 4/24)

The Black Balloon (Elissa Down, 2008). Down Under with an autistic older brother (Luke Ford, the kid from the last Mummy movie) and Toni Collette. (full review 4/3)

Tokyo! (Gondry/Carax/Bong, 2008). Three stories from surreally-minded directors. Most notably, this is the first movie directing Leos Carax has done since the 1999 Pola X, which is a welcome sign. His segment comes on in roaring form, with customary leading man Denis Lavant emerging from a Tokyo sewer and strolling along a sidewalk bent for mayhem. (full review 4/3)