State of Anvil Again (Weekly Links)


Raise your goblet of Anvil.

Reviews for the Herald, and a TV appearance below.

State of Play. “Nostalgia for a vanishing form of newspapering.”

17 Again. “It feels like the 80s in more ways than one.”

Anvil: The Story of Anvil. “Head-bangingly incredible levels of unknowing self-parody.”

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. “Killing a summer.”

Paris 36. “Toothache.”

I speak of Anvil and pick the best of the current coming-of-age movies with Nancy Guppy on ArtZone in Studio; watch here.

And more: talking about Heddy Honigmann’s Forever and the late Maurice Jarre; Death and the Movies, on KUOW. Listen here.

Movie Diary 4/14/2009

revanche1Revanche (Gotz Spielmann, 2008). A good movie becomes something more than that with the character played, and the performance given, by Ursula Strauss, an already-seasoned actress unfamiliar to me. The rest of the cast is also scrupulous, and Spielmann’s careful narrative roll-out gives evidence for why this Austrian movie was nominated in the foreign-language Oscar category. (full review 5/1)

State of Play (Kevin Macdonald, 2009). If you have stubby Russell Crowe and lanky Ben Affleck in a movie together, the least you can do is find excuses to photograph them side-by-side. Macdonald’s pile-driving style is perhaps not the best approach for this twisty thriller, based on a Brit miniseries. (full review 4/17)