Step Up Middle Guys (Weekly Links)

Exploring Other-ness: Ferrell and Wahlberg.

Movies I reviewed for the Herald this week.

The Other Guys. “Beware the tuna that walks on land.”

Step Up 3D. “One frequently wonders whether the filmmakers intended ‘Step Up 3D’ to be a parody of itself.”

Middle Men. “The seedy milieu feels standard.”

The Concert. “So eager to assure us of the indomitable human spirit and the power of music that it very nearly made me stop believing in both.”

Farewell. “The basic satisfactions of a spy picture.”

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child.

The Wildest Dream. “A harrowing account of what it’s like in the ‘Death Zone.'”

Great Directors. “If you don’t see many movies or you’ve never watched DVD extra features, this might be an interesting way to spend 90 minutes.”

No KUOW this week. Next week brings a new issue (#7) of Rotten, plus the trade paperback of the first six issues. Don’t wait for both to sell out, as issue #1 did; act now, people.

Movie Diary 8/3/2010

Step Up 3D (Jon Chu, 2010). What can you say when a movie captures the very marrow of your own existence and puts it up on screen? When you see something like that, let me know, will you? In the meantime, here’s a sequel conceived for 3D (not retro-fitted) in which 3D’s inability to capture fast action in a coherent, watchable way results in the movie being forced to visualize its dance scenes in long shots and with a minimum of cutting – in other words, an inadvertent but welcome upgrade from most dance movies these days. The plot and dialogue are of course instant camp. (full review 8/6)