Perfect Getaway Cove (Weekly Links)

Movies I reviewed for the Herald this week.


The Zahn-Jovovich honeymoon

Julie & Julia. “Blogging might not be the most exciting movie subject.”

A Perfect Getaway. “Incredibly satisfying.”

The Cove. “Could be an earth-shaker.”

The Garden. “The wheels still turn in the same crooked way.”

Paper Heart.”There’s a fine line between charming and precious.”

And for Rotten nation: have you read the secret diary of government agent John J. Flynn, which describes the period leading up the disagreeable events depicted in said comic book series? Go here and click on “Flynn’s Diary.” Issue #3 coming soon.

Movie Diary 5/12/2009

The Cove (Louie Psihoyos, 2009). Audiences should be enraged and, with any luck, rioting after seeing this stirring account of the secret slaughter of dolphins in Japan. Snark-free and full of smoking guns.

Safe (Todd Haynes, 1995). An unnerving study of Something Wrong, and a kind of follow-up to Haynes’ Superstar. A genuinely strange experience, breathlessly maintained — and it looks just as convincing now as it did in ’95. More on this, and Buster Keaton and HAL from 2001, on Sunday.