Not Quite District 9 (Weekly Links)

Reviews I wrote for the Herald this week.


Miyazaki meets Chagall

District 9. “The snap of originality.”

Ponyo. “A groove of pure enjoyment.”

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. “Tries to have it both ways.”

Thirst. “It moves like a drugged animal.”

Adam. “The ‘Rain Man’ approach.”

Not Quite Hollywood. “The view is hilarious.”

And: Sunday afternoon at 2 at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle, I will introduce the local premiere of The Music of Regret, a 40-minute film by artist Laurie Simmons, featuring Meryl Streep. Info here.

Movie Diary 8/11/2009

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (Neal Brennan, 2009). Why is it when Jeremy Piven gets these leading shots they always turn out like PCU? Producer Will Ferrell turns up in an extended cameo, with some good facial hair. (full review 8/14)

Seraphine (Martin Provost, 2008). A one-of-a-kind painter emerges from the life of a humble and eccentric cleaning lady, in this biography of Seraphine Louis. The movie is appropriately of-the-senses, with possibly a farflung connection to The Wild Child. (full review 8/14)