The Maid’s Brothers in the Air (Weekly Links)

Clooney in a locked and upright position

Reviews I wrote for the Herald this week.

Up in the Air. “Veers off nicely just as you think you’ve got things figured out.”

Everybody’s Fine. “Festive it ain’t.”

The Maid. “An unusual combination of amusement and anxiety.”

La Danse. “The greatest concentration is on dancers dancing, and this is superb.”

Brothers. “An extra air of lost youth to the story.”

The Strip. “Warmed-over jokes and offkey timing.”


Movie Diary 11/30/2009

Shockproof (Douglas Sirk, 1949). A Sam Fuller script, given an architectural treatment by Sirk – it’s a real Jim Thompsonesque storyline, too, about a parole officer (Cornel Wilde) falling for his newest charge (Patricia Knight, actually Mrs. Wilde in real life at the time).

Serious Moonlight (Cheryl Hines, 2009). A script by the late Adrienne Shelley, but maybe, under ordinary circumstances, the kind of script that never gets past the writing stage. Still, a reminder that Tim Hutton is an actor. (full review 12/11)

The Strip (Jameel Khan, 2009). Guys at an electronics store; decent music score. (full review 12/4)

Brothers (Jim Sheridan, 2009). Remake of Suzanne Bier’s 2004 film, with some admirable moments in acting and a curious shift in emphasis in a couple of spots. (full review 12/4)

That Hamilton Woman (Alexander Korda, 1940). Olivier and Leigh, in liaison and war, timed to reverberate with WWII. If you’re going to do historical romance, this is the way to do it.