A Slumdog Twilight Tale (Weekly Links)

Movies I reviewed this week for the Herald. Kind of a strange moment when I find myself favoring a teenybopper vampire movie over an anointed Danny Boyle darling, and a Jean-Claude Van Damme picture is really interesting.


Slumdog Millionaire.



A Christmas Tale.

Days and Clouds.



And I talk to KUOW-FM’s Jeannie Yandel about Twilight and Slumdog; the movie part begins at 31:00: here.

Movie Diary 11/18/2008

Twilight (Catherine Hardwicke, 2008). A director who can make a personal film from the birth of Christ (and Hardwicke did it, in The Nativity Story, a widely dismissed film that impressed me more than her official breakout, Thirteen) has got something going for her. Hiring her was the smartest move for this putatively Potter-ific new franchise. (full review 11/21)

The Wrestler (Darren Aronofsky, 2008) and Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, the MIstress, and the Tangerine (Marion Cajori, Amei Wallach, 2008). Just to list a pair of movies that have nothing in common, except the body as sculpture. (full reviews TBD and 11/28)