Torino, Valkyrie, Nixon & Me (Weekly Links)

Here are links to my Herald reviews of the Christmas crop. A typical year-end group: prestige pictures that require the seasonal shine, movies with downbeat endings (Hitler lives, the dog dies), multiplex fodder needing the overflow business (that would be a superhero movie starring…Gabriel Macht?), and a relaxed Clint Eastwood entertainment that turns out to be the best of the lot.

grantorinoGran Torino.


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.


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The Spirit.

Marley & Me.


Movie Diary 12/9/2008

The Day the Earth Stood Still (Scott Derrickson, 2008). Don’t hold your breath for “Klaatu, barada nikto.” (full review 12/12)

Valkyrie (Bryan Singer, 2008). Maybe there are people who aren’t interested in World War II movies about plots to kill Hitler. Whatever. I would probably watch this movie if it were directed by the guy who did The Day the Earth Stood Still. (full review 12/25)

Also, my wife, Mrs. Robert Horton, was watching In Bruges while I was writing my review of The Day the Earth Stood Still, and I had to watch a couple of scenes. This movie (and Brendan Gleeson’s performance) needs to turn up in some critics’ year-end accountings, soon.