Clash of the Last Song (Weekly Links)

Elina Lowensohn, impeccable in Lourdes

Reviews I wrote for the Herald this week:

Clash of the Titans. “That’s just like the gods, always messing about for the sake of messing about.”

The Last Song. “Might be bearable as entertaining junk if it weren’t for the funereal pace.”

Lourdes. “Perhaps you’re supposed to take them on faith.”

Vincere. “How people are seduced by demagogues.”

The Exploding Girl. (Not yet posted.)

And I talk with KUOW’s Steve Scher about Greenberg and the audience’s resistence to “unsympathetic” protagonists, here; the movie bit kicks in at the 14-minute point.

Movie Diary 3/24/2010

Hot Tub Time Machine (Steve Pink, 2010). I never thought I’d hear myself saying that a movie needed more Eighties jokes – and I never want to say it again. (full review 3/26)

Vincere (Marco Bellochio, 2009). Il Duce as seen by Mussolini’s mistress, and as filtered through images on screens; the amply-named Giovanna Mezzogiorno, from Facing Windows and Last Kiss, plays the woman in question. (full review 4/2)

Micmacs (Jean Pierre Jeunet, 2009). This will be very popular with the furrin film goer. (full review 5/??)

Please Give (Nicole Holofcener, 2010). Big able cast, plus Holofcener’s willingness to create truly mortifying situations and jokes, which at times is downright Baumbach-like.