Wendy and Lucy (Weekly Links)

wendy1That’s right, didn’t see the multiplex movies this week. But I reviewed one film for the Herald, and it’s enough:

Wendy and Lucy. “Reichardt’s style doesn’t tell you what to feel, but you will feel plenty.”

Also, the Oscar reaction show on KUOW-FM: here.

And more radio: I talk with KUOW’s Jeannie Yandel about politics, film and the dangers of believing in “stories,” including some takes on Frost/Nixon and the real Frost and Nixon, Che, and W. Listen here; the film bit starts at 34:04.

Movie Diary 10/26/2008

Actually, the last couple of days of movie-watching:

Synecdoche, New York (Charlie Kaufman, 2008). This will have to stand as a synedoche of a film review. (full review 11/7)

W. (Oliver Stone, 2008). Missed writing about it, but a little surprised by the middlebrow psychological-inquiry approach; a movie like this could’ve been made in 1957 with Anthony Perkins as W. and Raymond Massey as his father.

Frankenstein (Glenn Jordan, 1973). This is the Dan Curtis-produced TV version, done on video Dark Shadows-style. Not good, although Bo Svenson works up considerable pity as the Monster.

I’ll Never Forget You (Roy Ward Baker, 1951). Tyrone Power in the remake of Berkeley Square, a time-tripping Technicolor romance with black-and-white bookends. Decent supporting cast helps, and postwar Power is much more interesting than the male ingenue (see below).

Day-Time Wife (Gregory Ratoff, 1939). Ty Power comedy with Linda Darnell as the wife sniffing around a possible secretary affair. No wonder women’s lib took so long.