Wendy and Lucy (Weekly Links)

wendy1That’s right, didn’t see the multiplex movies this week. But I reviewed one film for the Herald, and it’s enough:

Wendy and Lucy. “Reichardt’s style doesn’t tell you what to feel, but you will feel plenty.”

Also, the Oscar reaction show on KUOW-FM: here.

And more radio: I talk with KUOW’s Jeannie Yandel about politics, film and the dangers of believing in “stories,” including some takes on Frost/Nixon and the real Frost and Nixon, Che, and W. Listen here; the film bit starts at 34:04.

Movie Diary 11/21/2008

quiller4The Quiller Memorandum (Michael Anderson, 1966). A Cold War movie in which almost nothing happens, scripted by Harold Pinter, with George Segal, Senta Berger and Alec Guinness. There were other bitter spy movies that reduced things way, way down (The Spy Who Came in from the Cold and The Kremlin Letter, for two), but this is minimalist to a fault. John Barry did the music. I am officially curious about director Anderson, who did The Dam Busters and Logan’s Run and some famous flops, and who still seems to be working. He’s 89 in January. (And he should not be confused with Robert Stevenson, director of Mary Poppins, even though I half did that the first time I posted this — thank you RTJ.)

Wendy and Lucy (Kelly Reichardt, 2008). I couldn’t quite go along with Old Joy, try as I might. But this movie’s got it. (full review 1/23)

Dark Streets (Rachel Samuels, 2008). Stay tuned. (full review 12/12)