Scruggs, Widows, Beasts (This Week’s Movies)


Tim Blake Nelson: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (courtesy Netflix)

Links to my reviews published this week in the Herald and Seattle Weekly, and etc.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. “It’s like a beautifully embroidered needlework laid across a gravesite.” (Herald link here.)

Widows. “tries to be a lot of different things: heist thriller, feminist statement, social-issue diagnosis. That’s a lot to bite off, and 129 minutes isn’t enough time for proper chewing.” (Weekly link here.)

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. “Part Two of J.K. Rowling’s latest franchise is a bewildering bummer, a real misstep by this generally sure-footed storyteller.”

Parallax View continues looking at films and reviews from 1998, including my piece on Richard Kiwetnioski’s Love and Death on Long Island. Not a great review on my part, but a somewhat forgotten movie worth remembering.

A Seasoned Ticket offering for Scarecrow Video’s blog, this time a couple of reviews of two smallish Frederick Wiseman films, La danse and Boxing Gym. Read it here.


Bohemian Wildlife (This Week’s Movies)


Carey Mulligan, Ed Oxenbould: Wildlife (courtesy IFC Films)

Links to my reviews published in the Herald and Seattle Weekly, and etc.

Bohemian Rhapsody. “Has a dutiful, respectable air about it.” (Herald link here.)

Wildlife. “While it has a formal visual style, as though emphasizing how trapped its characters are, it really comes alive in the energy between the performers onscreen.”

For Scarecrow Video’s blog, I submit a Seasoned Ticket session that looks back at Jim Jarmusch’s early work. Read it here.



Storm Journey Magic (This Week’s Movies)

Emma Stone and Colin Firth in Woody Allen's Magic in the Moonlight

Emma Stone and Colin Firth in Woody Allen’s Magic in the Moonlight

Links to reviews I wrote this week for the Herald and Seattle Weekly, and etc.

Into the Storm. “Sadly, the mayhem is periodically interrupted by scenes of people talking, although I use the terms ‘people’ and ‘talking’ loosely.”

The Hundred-Foot Journey. “As premeditated as a Marvel Comics blockbuster.” (If you have Herald paywall issues, the Seattle Weekly version is here.)

Magic in the Moonlight. “Allen’s job these days is creating fantasies that lead to some kind of truth.”

What If. “The wisecracking zingers and cascading conversations rarely pause.” (Seattle Weekly version here.)

Double Play: James Benning and Richard Linklater. “Watching two directors play catch is not a guarantee of interest.” (Seattle Weekly version here.)

At the Overlook Podcast, Steve Scher and I talk about the levels of magic moonlit in Woody Allen’s latest film. Listen here.

Thursday August 14, join us for a “Summer at SAM” event at the Olympic Sculpture Park. At the “Art Hit Tour” at 6:30 my wife and I will lead a stroll as we cover two aspects of the park: its cinematic possibilities and ecological awareness. The event is free and there’s lots of other stuff going on to sample. Read more about that night and the other “Summer at SAM” events here. Check the environmental blog Present Occupant here.