Upcoming Events

Feb. 10, join me in the Buckeye State at the Lee Road branch library in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, for “The Movie Mashup: Wild Literary Adaptations on Film.” We’ll look some extreme examples of literary adaptation in film (how The Tempest became Forbidden Planet, how The Odyssey became O Brother, Where Art Thou) and what that tells us about both art forms. The talk is free, and begins at 7 p.m.; more info here.

Feb. 11, I’ll give the same talk at the Hancock Co. Central Library in Greenfield, Indiana, at 7 p.m – via Skype. Come on by, and we’ll virtually meet. More info here.

This is out: My new book on the 1931 Frankenstein, from Columbia University Press. One place to get it is here.


Out now: the first two volumes of Rotten, a wild, provocative, and gory graphic novel I have co-authored with Mark Rahner (art by Dan Dougherty). It’s a zombie Western set in 1877, with overtones of recent U.S. political history. Or possibly undertones. Click on my Rotten tab above for further info and marching orders. Order the Rotten trade paperbacks at the Rotten website and see cover art here. The Rotten page at Moonstone, where you can also order the Rotten book The Lost Diary of John J. Flynn, U.S. Agent, is here. Check the Rotten music video here.

For a list of past lectures at the Frye, click here.

To contact me about a speaking gig, drop me an email: thecropduster@gmail.com

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