Movie Diary 9/1/2021

The Blood on Satan’s Claw (Piers Haggard, 1971). Culty folk horror with its share of effective scenes, and an overall approach of disconnected sensations. IMDb says that the project was originally conceived as separate stories, but were blended together at some point, and that’s what it feels like, all right – storylines are dropped, and the creepy kid coven doesn’t seem to come into the movie until well after it should be established. Evocatively photographed by Dick Bush, who would do Tommy and Sorcerer later in the decade. The opening bit, about a young man who brings his bride-to-be to his country manor, where she experiences Something Awful in the night, is like a good little M.R. James story unto itself.

Ema (Pablo Larrain). New one from a director who is piling up the credits this last dozen years: Tony Manero, No, Jackie, and the upcoming Spencer (the one with Kristen Stewart as Lady Di). Will review this one Friday.

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