Movie Diary 1/20/2011

Man Hunt (Fritz Lang, 1941). A long time had passed since I last saw this film about a hunter (Walter Pidgeon) who, briefly, has Hitler in his cross hairs. And now I’m wondering why so much time had passed. Few directors feel their way through space the way Lang does (rooms look so ominous in his movies), and from the rifle-scope onward the film is a series of circles narrowing within the frame. And it was made before the U.S. was in the war, too.

The Illusionist (Sylvain Chomet, 2010). The animated adaptation of a script from Jacques Tati’s drawer, which, along with its gentle attractions, raises interesting issues about an artist’s legacy and who gets to futz around with it. (full review 1/28)

In a week of forgotten Eighties films at What a Feeling!, there must be room for: The Whoopee Boys.

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