Iron Man Sarcasms (Weekly Links)

Villamil and Darin, The Secret in Their Eyes

Movies I reviewed for the Herald this week, etc.

Iron Man 2. “That which flies high must also come crashing down.”

The Secret in Their Eyes. “More far-fetched as it goes along.”

Paper Man. “Easily freaked out by mismatched interior design.”

Babies. “Are funny.”

Multiple Sarcasms. “Standard-issue Manhattan setting.”

The Good the Bad the Weird. “The sheer energy it takes to get this many death scenes into a movie.”

It Came from Kuchar. “Staging scenes involving a giant blow-up spider.”

And I talk about music and political resistance (special attention to No One Knows About Persian Cats and Soundtrack for a Revolution) in our “Cultural Moment” segment on KUOW’s “Weekday,” with Steve Scher, here. The movie bit begins around 14:30.